The FAC Series from FSCurtis comprises a range of heavy duty portable diesel air compressors offering superior efficiency, quality & reliability.  There is a wide selection of models including box & trailer type configurations with continuous duty outputs from 1.84 to 34m3/min (65 to 1,200 cfm) and rated pressures from 7 to 24.5 bar (100 to 355 psi).

In farming, machines including water pumps, crop sprayers, tractors, conveyors and dairy machines require compressed air.  This makes a reliable air compressor a vital component to a successful farm.

Whether you own a small family farm or have a larger operation, there is an essential need for an air compressor  that’s economical, reliable & trustworthy.

With a comprehensive array of standard features, the FAC Series compressors represent outstanding value for money. And their high levels of fuel efficiency and reliability deliver whole-of-life operating costs that are amongst the lowest available.

FSCurtis is a member of the global Fusheng group of companies, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of air compressors with over 165 years of experience.